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COVID Safety Policies

Here at Malachi, the safety of everyone involved with our organization, is a top concern and focus for us. In response to COVID-19 we have developed guidelines and actions that we, as an organization will be taking to keep everyone safe as we start back to rehearsals. We ask that every member, parent, and staff member review our new policies and procedures. 

  • We will be operating under the Colorado State space occupancy restrictions for businesses 

  • We will have staggered start and end times to allow for cleaning and a lack of crossover for members and staff

  • We will be requiring face mask usage at all times 

  • We will be utilizing 6 ft social distancing practices during rehearsal to the best of our ability

  • There will be marked spots for members to spin on and specific places where individuals will keep their personal belongings

  • There will be no hanging out before or after rehearsal- Members will be expected to be dropped off and picked up at the time their rehearsals start and end. 

  • All members and staff temperature checked and wellness questions asked at every rehearsal before the individual will be permitted into the rehearsal facility

  • No member or staff member will be allowed to stay if they have a temperature of over 100.4 or answer the wellness questions in a way that causes the staff to be concerned

  • Routine cleanings will happen of the rehearsal area, bathroom, and any shared areas in the facility in between groups sharing the space

  • No sharing of water bottles, or personal items of any kind 

  • No sharing of equipment between members. Members will not be able to leave equipment at the facility and will need to take their equipment home every rehearsal


We hope by taking these precautions we can ensure a safer experience for those participating with our organization. 

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