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Jennifer Carrasco


Malachi A & Minis

Malachi World

Executive Director


Corinne Greenrod

Audrey Milton

Established 2007


Jennifer Carrasco

Executive Director


Based in

Denver, Colorado

18 years

Assistant Director

The mission of the Malachi organization is to educate performers of all ages with the virtues of integrity, inclusivity, and positivity. Emphasizing excellence with a graciously competitive mindset and collaborative atmosphere within the performing arts and as future leaders within their communities.

Malachi is a safe place where young adults can come and pursue their passion within the construct of the color guard activity. Our goal is to educate, train and guide each member to fulfill their potential as a performer on the floor while giving them the encouragement and confidence to pursue their dreams off the floor. We understand that we have been given a gift and responsibility with each student to treat them with kindness, respect and professionalism and to teach them technique in all aspects of the guard activity including dance, flag, and weapon skills that will carry them to the top of this activity, not just in winter guard but in marching band, drum corps and beyond.


We nurture a safe, positive environment and inspire excellence through innovation, education and performance.

Malachi, as an organization, strives to grow our members through a regimented and refined implementation of basics and fundamentals that is taught across all levels. It is important to us that each team achieves a high level of training that propels each member forward in our organization. On top of this consistent training the directors of each team, as well as the design staff, are constantly pushing the limits of creativity with choreography, staging and visual design to achieve cohesive and entertaining programs season after season.

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