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Donate to Feed Malachi and Make A Difference in Our Season

Donate to Feed Malachi and Make A Difference in Our Season

Color guard performers combine the beauty of art with the physicality of elite athletes.


High-level winter guard performances can benefit from the regular addition of quality fuel. With that in mind, Malachi World is announcing the roll out of our FEED MALACHI campaign.

Our goal is to provide meals to our members and staff on rehearsal and competitive weekends. By coordinating meals, we can support our members’ and their performances. Feeding our members will also provide opportunities to further enhance camaraderie, which, in turn, can support our team spirit and performances. Coordinated meals will also help us make our rehearsal times more efficient, letting us best use our time to build on the successes of our first World Class Finals success. 

The suggested sponsorship levels for FEED MALACHI are as follows:

Afternoon Snack – $30

Dinner – $100

Evening Snack – $30

Full Day  – $160

Donations to FEED MALACHI may be made on our website.  Visit or in our shop at Be sure to include a note indicating FEED MALACHI and the level you wish to support. You are welcome to indicate a performer or staff member you wish to honor with your donation.

Share with your friends and family. This is a great opportunity for parents or grandparents to show support. Coordinate with other families to go together to support a full day.  Alumni, sponsoring a meal is a great way to give back. If you know a great civic group that loves to support educational opportunities, share this program with them, too! Ask your gal pals or boys-night-out friends to chip in to cover a meal or even a whole day. Put up a collection jar in your break-room with info & photos to generate donations. Share our meal posts to your own social media or even run a Facebook fundraiser. There are so many possibilities for ways to help.

Supporting FEED MALACHI is a great opportunity to directly contribute to the health and wellness of our performaing members, staff , and support crew by providing them with the meals they need to stay fueled. 

Together, we can continue to support Malachi’s provision of high-level training and the presentation of creative and entertaining programs.

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